Choosing Quality Subcontractors


Subcontractors are a vital part of the business of flipping homes. The success of your project can depend on the work that is done by these specialists, so it’s very important to properly vet who will be on your job.

The number one tip that I can give to help in choosing a quality sub is to Always get Quotes from 2-3 Trade Contractors. Give contractors your budget for the project and stress the importance of staying on schedule. Keep in mind that multiple quotes will also aid you during final negotiations. You want to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible to make a good decision.

Another benefit of obtaining multiple quotes is that you never know when you may have to release a contractor. Having additional quotes at hand will keep your project moving if change is necessary.

Once the quotes are in, it’s time for a bit of homework. Use the three tips below to finalize your selection.

Evaluate the quality of workmanship from past jobs. Any reliable subcontractor will be happy to supply you with as many project references as you’d like.

Get Referrals from your network. Word of mouth is a powerful form of advertising!

Drive the local neighborhood to see who is already doing work These subcontractors may either live close (allowing them to be on time) or have historical knowledge of the area that will help in getting your home sold. They can make recommendations that may affect the budget based on the neighborhood.