Location! Location! Location!

LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! This number one rule of real estate is also true in flipping homes the HBJ way. Choosing a home for a particular client in a traditional home search allows the client to set the parameters, but when you are looking for homes to rehab, the rules are different. What makes a good […]

Choosing Quality Subcontractors

Choosing Quality Subcontractors Subcontractors are a vital part of the business of flipping homes. The success of your project can depend on the work that is done by these specialists, so it’s very important to properly vet who will be on your job. The number one tip that I can give to help in choosing […]

Making Money While You Sleep

Making Money While You Sleep​ As an investor or developer, you should feel empowered to build wealth in multiple avenues of real estate. Investing, renovating, and managing multi-unit properties can enable you to bring in a consistent cash flow from tenants, thus making money while you sleep. What To Look For One of the major […]